The Oneness Field


Dear Seekers of the world,

We welcome you to The Oneness Field, for fulfilling your heartfelt intentions, experiencing states of awakening, enlightenment, God-Realization and meditation for transforming world consciousness. Since we want this precious blessing to reach all- we have made the entrance to The Oneness Field free for all.

We have opened various options for you to stay on our campuses for a much deeper mystical experience at The Oneness Field. All our accommodations carry an Indian feel, some are rustic, some facilitate a greater community experience, some for solitude and some with greater luxury. You are free to choose your experience of living.

While your accommodations differ, at The Oneness Field itself all seekers merge into unity, free of all divisions.

Your accommodation fee includes free food served at your respective campus, free transportation to and from your accommodation campus to Ekam, free internet access and free entry into the special meditations and processes specially designed for long stay seekers.

See you in the sacred Field Of Oneness.

Campus 5
Dormitory Accommodation:
  • USD 150 per person

Campus 3
Executive Rooms:
  • Single occupancy USD 350

  • Double occupancy USD 250 per person

Standard Rooms:
  • Single occupancy USD 300

  • Double occupancy USD 200 per person

Campus 2
Dormitory accommodation:
  • USD 50 per person

  • From July 2018, USD 75 per person

Campus 6
Dormitory accommodation:
  • USD 90 per person
Campus 1 – Huts:
  • Single occupancy USD 125

  • Double occupancy USD 75 per person

From July 2018

  • Single occupancy USD 150

  • Double occupancy USD 100 per person