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Limitless Field Meditation

Awaken To The Beautiful State of 'Being in The Present'

Dear Seeker,

Thank you for registering for Entering the Limitless Field Meditation with Krishnaji for the beautiful state of “Being in The Present”

Let’s have a glimpse of what the experience is going to be for each of us.

“The blind may live in a world of color and never know it. The deaf may live in a world of music and may never know it. Preoccupied with our conflicts, we too live without ever knowing the profound stillness of our being.”

Imagine how it would be if there were a motor running inside your head non-stop for several years and if it were to stop for a few moments? What a relief! This description would compare to the peace you will experience because of ‘Being in The Present’.

The state of ‘Being in The Present’ is where you experience reality as it is. There is undivided attention to your experience of life in this moment. This is why it is called the state of ‘Being in The Present’.

Exciting isn’t it?

Here are the details for you to join the Limitless Field Meditation on Sep 1 / Sep 2.

Please find below the links to join at – Sep 1st – 1.30PM IST Saturday

Click on your language to join the call

Chinese Password: lf20180901

Please find below the links to join at – Sep 2nd – 8.30PM IST Sunday

Click on your language to join the call

Looking forward to entering the Limitless Field with Krishnaji.

For any further info or for any queries, do write back to us at info@oo.academy

Thank you,


Faculty – O&O Academy.