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Dasa Shanti Siddhi


On Aug 9th to 19th

Dear Ekam World Peacemakers,

Greetings from The Oneness Field – Ekam.

We are happy to announce that we are a community of 14313 Peacemakers sharing Peace Oneness Blessing and Soul Sync for Peace impacting a minimum of 49 people in your life helping them awaken into Peace Consciousness and holding 8108 Peace Energy Points all around the world on Aug 19th and receive special gifts.

Consciousness is one. Your conflict is the conflict of the world; your peace is world peace.

When you awaken to a beautiful state of peace, it flows to all you connect.

Peace is a powerful experience. It is a contagion that flows from you into your families, your organisations and communities.

When 1000s of people come together in a state of peace and meditate together for the world, you generate a force filed in consciousness that can minimise war, division and violence. You impact human consciousness.

And Ekam which is a mystic power house built on a rare energy filed in India would act an an amplifier- radiating peace energies generated by the meditation of scores of individuals for world peace.

That is why Ekam world peace festival is different from peace activism; it is a movement in consciousness.

As promised, we would like every peacemaker to join the Dasa Shanti Siddhi live from Ekam via our special livestream channel. (Kindly note that this telecast is exclusive for peacemakers only.

Please find below the links to join Dasa Shanti Siddhi on – 9th August 6.30 pm Indian time. 

Click on your language below to join the Dasa Shanti Siddhi

(Note English & Telugu Language happen via main livestream channel and the other languages are rendered with translation of the main version)